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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spain National Day 2008

Spanish National Day is a major public holiday celebrated every year on October 12, to commemorate Spain’s reunification and the successful voyage of Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1492. The parade goes through the capital city of Madrid and is attended by the Spanish royals and government officials. Other festivities and processions occur all over the country.

In celebration of this year’s Spanish National Day, soldiers took part in the parade in Madrid, Spain on the 12th of October, 2008. At the ceremony, some 4,000 officers and soldiers, 250 military vehicles and 70 warplanes were in attendance. Spain’s Royal Family also joined the rest of the country in celebration at the National Day Parade last Sunday.

Here are some pictures from this splendid event:

In the picture above from left to right, Princess Letizia of Spain, Crown Prince Felipe, Princess Elena, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain. Also in the back ground are Princess Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin.

Here are some other pictures:

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