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The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) was established in 2002 to support the College’s efforts to attract, recruit, and serve both students of color and international students. Our mission is to create and sustain an environment that encourages and embraces the contributions of people from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Monday, September 21, 2009


In war-torn Afghanistan, the Basij-Rasikhs family pursue their dreams and hope to make their native land a better place. Sixteen-year-old Marjeela Basij-Rasikh, who attends the Brooks school, and her nineteen-year-old sister Shabana Basij-Rasikhs, Middlebury College junior, set out their plans and goals for Afghanistan. Shabana Basij-Rasikhs, in her spare time, runs the nonprofit organization Hela (“hope’’ in their native Pashto), which is raising money to build a high school for girls in her ancestral village of Qalatik, in Laghman Province.

The Basij-Rasikhs, a family of six, realize the importance of education. Although their parents risked being punished and executed for sending the children to school, they believe in an education and hope with their efforts, Afghanistan will become safe again.

Click here to read the the Basij-Rasikhs family story courtesy of The Boston Globe.


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